Un-Broker Model for Selling and Buying Luxury Lofts and Apartments
"We didn't meet a whole lot of brokers we felt comfortable with in New York," Mr. Guzyk said. "A lot of brokers had bad vibes. They didn't know what they were selling, they were too pushy, and the only thing they seemed to care about was themselves."

To be the "Un-Broker" I don't sell anything. I simply facilitate seamless/easy decisions through an influx of pertinent information and development of needs. Every step of the way the customer/client is kept abreast of the marketplace and educated to produce quality results that they desire. I never use pressure to persuade people and simply create a relaxed environment with a copious informational flow providing a complete array of knowledge.

The space speaks to the buyer, so whether your buying or selling a luxury loft or apartment in New York City, the "Un-Broker" simply allows for the proper matches to be made without deploying any annoyance, arrogance, hard sells, stupidity or any other trait that's has made the term broker synonymous with evil.
The "Un-Broker" treats you as he wants to be treated and puts all your needs first before anything else. I know that you are truly the important people in these scenarios and that I am merely a supporting figure that will accomplish your goals tirelessly.
Working with the "Un-Broker" you not only get a professional but you also have a trusted friend on your side who is always honest, personable, knowledgeable and working for you all the time.
This service model that I have designed has been developed from my own experiences with brokers in and out of the business. It made me realize what people really need was someone who knew what they were doing, were honest and also was a real person (and nice). My business is all based on this concept.
Ten Guarantees of the "Un-Broker

1. Treat people as you want to be treated.

2. Create a personable and friendly environment.

3. Listen, and get people what they need to ensure their success.

4. Provide Current and consistent informational flow.

5. Be intelligent.  Provide creative solutions to provide appropriate results.

6. Create Low pressure Atmosphere

7. The Customer's needs always come first.

8. Provide Professional service and Common Sense.

9. Utilize Technology to create customer involvement and efficiency. 

10. Provide Tireless effort to accomplish your goals.