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Chelsea, a hot destination area, begins on the North Side of 14th and proceeds to 23rd Street. In recent years the area has expanded to include spaces north of 23rd sometimes referred to as North Chelsea. This area has seen tremendous New Development, with condominium loft buildings dotting the skyline, mixing with the traditional townhomes on the tree lined streets. Chelsea offers a wide variety of activities and events from Chelsea Piers to the many Art Galleries, Restaurants, and Nightlife.

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Chelsea Building List - Complete Loft and Apartment Building Listings Demsker Realty

108-110 West 25th Street
117 West 17th, Brooks Van Horn Building
119 West 22nd Street
121 West 19th Street, Lions Head Condominium
121 West 19th, The Lions Head
126 West 22nd Street, Chelsea Flats
130 West 19th, The Chelsea House
135 West 16th Street
136 West 15th Street
140 Seventh Avenue, Chadwin House
144 West 18th Street
146 West 16th Street
151 West 17th Street, Campiello Collection
200 West 24th Street, Chelsea Royale
201 West 17th Street, Vesta 17
206 West 17th Street, City Prarie
210 West 19th Street
211 West 18th Street
213-215 West 23rd Street, McBurne Y Condominiums,
217 West 19th Street, The Dance Building
22 West 15th Street, Grosvenor House
224 West 18th Street , The Campiello Collection
227 Tenth Avenue
231 Tenth Avenue
231 West 26th Street
238 West 22nd Street
239 West 19th Street
245 Seventh Avenue, Chelsea Atelier
250 West 27th Street
251 West 19th Street, The Chelsea 19
252 Seventh Avenue , Chelsea Mercantile
252 West 17th Street
257 West 17th Street , The Steiner Building 
270 West 17th Street , Grand Chelsea 
270 West 19th Street, The Sedona
291 Seventh Avenue
313 West 22nd Street, Chelsea Commons 
32 West 18th
324 West 23rd Street, The Colonnade
332 West 22nd Street
344 West 23rd Street, The Cheyney
346 West 22nd Street
358 West 23rd Street
366 West 15th Street, The Porter House
42 West 15th Street
438-444 West 19th Street, The Chelsea Club
445 West 19th Street, The Chatham in Chelsea
521 West 23rd Street
525 West 22nd Street , The Spears Building
532 West 22nd Street, The Eagle Building
63 West 17th Street, Lyla