Buying a Luxury Loft or an Apartment with a NYC Real Estate Broker
The Un-Broker assists you in buying a Luxury Loft or Luxury Condo/Apartment in New York
Did you know it doesn't cost you a dime to use a good Real Estate Broker to find your dream Luxury Lofts or Apartments?

Why waste your valuable time when you can have a qualified, responsible, person add expertise and precision to your search to ease your overall stress level.

Everyday you're losing time that you'll never get back so why not take advantage of REMARKABLE SERVICE and do more things you enjoy with your extra time as I handle the work of finding you your dream Luxury Lofts or Apartments in New York City.

For Buyers:

I help Buyers navigate through the maze of New York City (RE) Real Estate to find their dream Home and educate them throughout the process to make the best decisions.

These days among the myriad of bogus Real Estate listings, bad New York City (NYC) brokers, puffery and bad service, buyers struggle and waste valuable time trying to find their ultimate New York City (NYC) loft or apartment as they wade through the muck and cryptic listings.

The good news is that when dealing with an expert in New York City Real Estate, The Un-Broker, who is both knowledgeable and empathetic, your search becomes much easier, enjoyable and efficient.   Your average time searching for apartments will decrease by 90% and your satisfaction will increase by 100%.

Bad experiences, unrepeatable New York City Real Estate Brokers, and not knowing who to trust, has caused many buyers to eschew the help that they need from an expert New York City Real Estate Broker and to undertake this daunting experience alone.

For free, you can employ a competent New York City Real Estate broker who will be on top of every luxury loft or apartment listing as soon as they hit the market. This will reduce your stress by providing full informational updates and creating easier decisions with their market knowledge.  Also they’ll be able to help you ensure that you will find the place that you desire and that you’ll be set to pass any co-op or condo board.

Since 2001 The Un-Broker, Thomas C. Demsker, an Associate Broker, has been working with all types of Buyers helping them navigate through the real estate minefield by being knowledge, empathetic and developing the guaranteed Un-Broker Solution. Since I started as regular people, I know what it's like to be on the other side of the coin. This enables me to offer the best Real Estate Service because I give the customer what they need. I have sold both Condominium and Cooperative apartments and lofts throughout the city. (TESTIMONIALS)

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